In which stores is online reservation available?

Online reservation is available in all our stores in France, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

How many products can I reserve?

You can reserve a maximum of 6 different products. You need to make one reservation per item: if you complete your reservation within 15 minutes, all items will be reserved together.


Do I have to pay when reserving online?

No, you don’t! Payment for items will be carried out in the store, by cash or by credit or debit card, as you prefer.

If I go to a store, am I obliged to buy the product?

No obligation to buy! Our in-store team will present the products to you, you can choose whether you want to finalise your purchase!

When can I go to the store?

You will receive an SMS or an e-mail within 1 hour of your e-reservation request (during store opening hours), to confirm the availability of the reserved products.

 You can pick up your order once confirmation from the store has been received.

 You will have 3 days to go to the store: after this deadline, your reservation will be cancelled.

Can all the articles on the site be reserved in store?

Our online store offers a very wide assortment of products: some items shown online may not be available in store.

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