Gift card
Where can I buy a Pylones gift card?

You can buy a gift card in most of our stores in Europe.

The gift cards that are on sale on our site are valid only in France.

Where can I use my gift e-card ?

Your gift e-card can be used in the shop and on our website (except Hungary and Czech Republic)

How do I use my gift e-card in the shop or on the website?

Nothing could be more simple !

- For use in shop: Present the barcode or the numbers of the gift e-card in paper format or directly from your phone.

- For use on our website: Enter the numbers of your gift e-card in the "Pyones promo code or gift card" field and validate. Repeat the operation if you have several gift e-cards.

How long is my gift e-card valid ?

You can use your gift e-card immediately after purchase and it is valid for two years from the date of purchase.

I bought my gift e-card in pounds, but I can't make the purchase in another currency. Why ?

The currency used at the time of purchase of your gift e-card must be the same as your shopping basket.

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