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Crab hair clips

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  • Ladyclip Large - Pince à cheveux crabe
    6,00 € In Stock

    I'm no crab claw. Too aggressive! Definitely not a battery clip. Yes, I know I’m useful, but just imagine all that grease! And I’d make a poor clothes peg. My style would be wasted. Pop me in your hair, however, and you've got me by the short and curlies! I’m one hip clip!

    6,00 €
  • Ladyclip Small - Pince à cheveux crabe
    4,00 € In Stock

    There’ll be no bun fighting while I’m around, so put your claws away! I’m just there to keep the wisps off your face and those cheeky hairbands in their place!

    4,00 €
  • CL Hair de Paris - Paire de pinces à cheveux
    2,50 € In Stock

    Paris is the apple of our eye. It’s totally hip – like these clips! There’s definitely something in the hair! Leave Paris? We’ll never budge. And neither will your hair!

    2,50 €