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Second chance

Let's give new life to objects!

Second chance

Give a second chance to a selection of display or vintage products or products with small defects that are still super cute! Beautiful refurbished products to further enhance your everyday life! Only on our website.

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At Pylones, we say no to waste!  Each product is checked and reconditioned at our Treasure Island To spruce up your everyday life at low prices!
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Showing 1 - 30 of 239 items

Stroke of luck ! Our zero waste products will make you maxi glad ! 

One little flaw and it's in the bin? At Pylones, we say no to waste! Give a second life to these products that are just waiting to be adopted ! 

Stop waste ! 

Who says you can't give a fun, colourful and eco-friendly gift? At Pylones, we do! Let yourself be carried away by our wide selection of Second Chance products that are just waiting for you. Whether it's a display model, a mini defect or a vintage product, you'll be spoilt for choice. Go ahead with your eyes closed, our Second Chance products have been checked one by one in order to offer you almost new products at low prices! So you can treat your friends, your family or simply yourself!

Are you looking for an original and green gift? We are here to help you! Need a coffee or a tea, no more plastic cups, just our colourful isothermal cups! Still can't see? Don't hesitate to create a nice set with our glasses cases and its matching microfiber fabric. For the more fashionable, our range of power bank will recharge your phone in a flash. And for the more chilly, our scarves with various colourful patterns will bring a trendy look at any time of the day.

Once upon a time...vintage products

Feeling nostalgic for the first Pylones products? So do we! Relive the creative effervescence of our first ideas through a profusion of colours and materials that dress up these handmade objects. Carefully stored on our treasure island, these timeless products will find their youthfulness of the 80s. The artisanal work of latex, the main material of these first creations, will charm you with our vintage braces or our animal bracelets. Rich of this adventure, let yourself be carried away by this abundance of ideas with our personalised and original Bylones jewels but also with our chimney bellows which will bring a wind of enthusiasm in your house.

A discontinued item but the beginning of a new adventure

Pylones is committed to fighting against this phenomenon by giving a second chance to discontinued item. Our wide selection will give you gift ideas at low prices and will be perfect for the older ones as well as for the younger ones. Are you hesitating in your choice? Why not offer a beautiful cosmetic bag with our pocket mirror, ideal for a makeover. And for the bigger pleasure, our matching tables and chairs are the perfect combo for a successful meal together! So which Second Chance product will you fall for?