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Gift for grandma

For a gift Nannyficent ! 

Whether it's a cake granny or a rock'n'roll granny, they all deserve a gift don't look a day older !

Granny cakes 

Who hasn't wanted to smell grandma's cake? To perpetuate this pleasure, you will find all the original and essential kitchen utensils! A good cake needs the right amount of ingredients! That's why our fun and colourful kitchen scale will not carry much weight in your choice of gift. To complete this scale, how about our matching apron? So you can cook in a chic and flowery way! A good dose, a good outfit, but also a good timing. Our animal timers will remind you that it's time to eat! And we've got just the thing for you! Our beautiful, colourful plates will bring an explosion of colour to the table and awaken your taste buds. Don't hesitate to complete this service with our original pie plates


Have you eaten a lot at grandma's? A little tea will do you a world of good. Our Japanese teapot will bring a zen atmosphere to her home, while our porcelain mugs won't make you regret this moment. And to enhance this relaxation, what could be better than our large, soft blankets? 

On your marks, set, go!

Good meals require good ingredients. Sometimes that weighs a lot. Pylones has thought of everything! Our lightweight but sturdy shopping trolleys can carry everything you need. The little pocket at the back of the trolley can hold one of our funny, offbeat wallets. Feeling windy on the way? Our colourful, floral scarves will stop the wind and keep your neck warm. Your granny is now ready for the national shopping !