All about us Our shared values


A business’ success is all the more resounding and complete when shared by all those involved, namely employees, partners/suppliers and customers. This explains why the Pylones adventure is first and foremost a tale of people eager to come together to create a shared history.

We’re committed to striking and retaining economic balance, particularly in terms of distributing added value. Our efforts are designed to ensure that an increasing proportion of this value benefits those working for and with Pylones.

We embrace our responsibility as an economic player and are happy and proud to contribute to the wealth of our country and Europe through the taxes and duties we pay.

What we have built is a socially responsible company for France, Europe and the world. Our 700-strong group enjoys a diverse composition for whom mutual respect and collaboration are a common asset.

Over 35 years, after a shaky start and some fairly flimsy research, we gradually emerged as a market leader, espousing that French creative flair in a universal language understood right around the globe.

We are committed and regular supporters of charities, humanitarian organisations, artists, museums and philanthropic actions, all of which are part of this accessible and caring group.

We pay constant attention to ensuring that our products comply with all current quality standards whilst working to reduce our carbon footprint.

You have enabled us to give free rein to our passion for creating vibrant, frolicsome, colourful, congenial and affordable items - items with a spring in their step!

We would like to thank you for your loyalty that has made us what we are today and continues to drive us forward!

Jacques & Léna Guillemet
Founding Creators of PYLONES