All about us The Pylones Adventure


The Pylones galaxy is brimming with unusual and jaunty objects, promising exciting, vibrant experiences, madcap ideas and rare creations… not to mention worldwide shipping!

Explore the heart of the Pylones galaxy and go back in time to the exact moment when all the essential elements came together: 1985 in Paris...


35 years of creating

Pylones will celebrate its 35th anniversary in 2020, still stunned by the transformation it has undergone since it first began. Alert and quick off the blocks, Pylones pulsates energy and has soon lost track of time.

Can it really be three decades already?

Our makeshift workshop has evolved into a vibrant, independent SMB that exports French design worldwide and launched new fashion accessory collections in 2015, along with a range of gifts and souvenirs sporting the colours of our favourite cities (Paris, Berlin, London, Venice, Florence and New York).


Pylones – it’s all about you!

A proud heir of popular arts and traditions, as well as its techniques and secular ornaments, Pylones cavorts with 21st century materials to create offbeat, contemporary objects that combine both tradition and technology.

Pylones has always liked to ruffle a few feathers! We like to shake things up; reinventing, dressing and colouring them to make everyday life more fulfilling.

And what about the objects themselves?

We cover them lovingly in handmade or designer patterns; whether striking, subtle, figurative or abstract, each one is unique.

We decide whether they are smiling, pleading, naïve or snobbish; whether animals or people, they become magical gifts and playful companions to enliven the drudgery of routine.


Pylones tours the world!

Do you have a penchant for unrestricted and intrepid French design?

Pylones has a distribution network across France, and also willingly exports its products worldwide.

Stores are now springing up all over Europe and across the globe, with a network of colourful outlets stretching from Tokyo to Baku, from Cape Town to Hong Kong, and from Bogota to Singapore.

There are now 37 stores in France, over 80 in Europe and over 110 worldwide. Quite the success story!


Pylones: glass blowers

Ever since 1996, the blown glass workshop, nestling in the heart of the Pylones factory near Paris, has been dreaming up and producing the "Le Souffle de Pylones" jewellery collection of rings, necklaces and earrings, mouth-blown using the unrivalled expertise of its 8 artisans.

A famous and iconic collection that would make a rainbow green with envy!

Featuring “couture” colours, and liquid or sparkly contents. Whether behemoths or miniatures, they’re invariably stylish. This is jewellery that calls to mind the halcyon days of glorious Parisian fashion!

5croc qui aime lart2.jpeg

The people

Enthusiastic and talented designers, unusual materials, alternative techniques, patient and skilled suppliers, efficient and painstaking employees – all of these elements are key to our success – for your ultimate enjoyment! We're welcoming more loyal and supportive customers every year!

These networking opportunities and collaborations of varying scale give rise to unique, memorable and sometimes disarming experiences; elective affinities that pep up our lives, pique our desires and inspire us to strive for excellence and rigour at all times, building on our adrenalin-infused genesis!



These were our first successes from the early days that provided the impetus for what would become the cornerstone of our business: creating objects.

Why Pylones? Because we love our pylons – these imposing figures who oversee our energy distribution across plains and fields, valleys and mountains, and who know no borders. Like them, and in homage to them, we have stretched out our arms to embrace the planet and transmit our positivity!

New adventures will enable us to spread our wings for a journey that will prove to be a long one...


The birth of the Pylones galaxy

Various elements fused together in 1985, somewhere between the flea market and the ENSCI industrial design school in Paris.

And what about the objects themselves? Animal jewellery made from latex, a crazy yet flexible and versatile material that lends itself to the wildest imagination.

And the people? Jacques and Léna Guillemet and three intrepid young designers, “Les Braguettes Magiques”.

Their makeshift tinkering process blossomed into a jubilant production workshop to satisfy demand and an ever-increasing raft of customers. Moulds burgeoned, colours fused, and design knew no limits, leading to a profusion of braces, ties, lamps and mirrors, etc. Out of this poetic bric-a-brac emerged the first Parisian store on Ile Saint-Louis in 1987.

But the story had only just begun…...