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Pylones transforms everyday objects into gifts that are used and embraced all round the world!


Lady Pop

THE hairbrush chosen by over 2 million heads.

fish pen.JPG

Fish Pen

The famous marine-themed writing implement: laid end to end, all the Fish Pens sold would stretch for 81km, the distance separating Florence in Italy from …the sea!

Originally fishing sinkers, these cases have been fitted with a reservoir to transform them into the perfect writing implement.

piu piu.JPG

Piu Piu

The tiny magnetic bird that pecks at paperclips on your desk, now accounts for a colony to rival that of the European bee-eater, a species that strangely resembles it in appearance. There are now close to a million of these cheeky, beaky specimens worldwide!

le souffle de pylones.JPG

Souffle de Pylones

200,000 items of glass jewellery are blown, designed and moulded every year in the Pylones workshop in Greater Paris.



In 2011, the Louvre acquired Crana’ch’s Les Trois Grâces,, thanks to the support of Pylones. Inspired by this painting, the designer SanFroid created the “Misses”, a trio of dainty, highly unusual spoons.