Heatproof mat

Protect your table in style with one of our trivets, which can also be used as coasters. Cats or hummingbirds, the choice is yours!

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Designer trivets: Impress your guests!

Unique and original trivets! They withstand heat, protect your table, and also serve as great decorative items. The trivet is a practical kitchen accessory. Resistant to heat, the trivet protects your table and is also a true decorative object. Shaped like the Eiffel Tower or a bodybuilder, our designer trivets elegantly support your hot dishes. Don't get dizzy with our snake-design trivet. Made of silicone, our trivets are very flexible and colorful, with some models being adjustable and suitable for both small and large dishes. They can even be adjusted to fit larger dishes. At Pylones, find the trivet that will perfectly match your decor.

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