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A good tea is essential, but for a perfect infusion, the infuser makes all the difference! Tea ball, tea spoon, or strainer: it's up to you to choose your preferred tasting companion!

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Immerse yourself in the colorful and playful world of Pylones with our collection of original design tea infusers! Carefully crafted with quality stainless steel, our infusers provide optimal filtering for your favorite teas and infusions. Whether you prefer black tea or flavored infusions, our infusers will delight your taste buds with every sip. Say goodbye to traditional tea bags and opt for elegance and durability with our reusable tea infusers and filters. The first argument and advantage of choosing a reusable tea infuser over disposable tea bags is obviously sustainability. With loose tea, there are no additional wastes such as bags, cardboard boxes, or plastic film protecting the box. Another advantage of choosing to infuse your tea with a reusable infuser is cost. Loose tea is more economical since there is no need for extra packaging (tea bag, cardboard box, plastic film) that increases its price. And, something money can't buy, discover the satisfaction and pleasure of preparing your own tea! So, to fully enjoy your loose tea and release all its flavors, nothing could be simpler: find the infuser that suits you! In addition to infusing your tea, it will add a touch of fun and originality to this moment of relaxation.


Whether you prefer the ball-shaped or spoon-shaped format, both have something to offer. They are practical, very easy to use, allow for ideal flavor diffusion, and are simple to clean. Made of stainless steel, with small holes or a grid, they allow the aromas to diffuse while keeping the tea leaves securely enclosed so they don't scatter in your cup thanks to their secure closure system. Their original shapes like cat, bird, heart, fox, or Christmas tree make them even more fun and satisfying to use every day. The silicone tea infuser, besides being easy to use and clean, is original in design and colors. It will make an impression during tea breaks with your coworkers, for example. As for the tea strainer, it leaves more room for tea leaves, allowing it to easily infuse larger leaves. Whether it's green, black, or white tea, for verbena or rooibos infusions, the ideal infuser is found in our selection of original and practical tea infusers! Discover our range now on Pylones.com and turn every tea break into a moment of pure joy!

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