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Special Spring Offers

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Keep in touch with Pylones!

Special Spring Offers

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  • Médor - Vaporisateur
    15,00 € In Stock

    Doggy language is easy to understand. When I’m happy, I wag my tail and ear, and stick out my tongue. And that's what my job is! You can't put a dog off a scent, so give me your cleaning products and I’ll be in a haze of joy!

    15,00 €
  • I Touch - Lampe LED avec port USB
    25,00 € In Stock

    My powers stem from within! Adjust the brightness by applying more pressure to my stalk. Fitted with a USB port for recharging small devices (mobile phones, cameras, etc.).

    25,00 €
  • Jeannot - Stylo sur socle
    9,00 € In Stock

    Generally speaking, having rabbit lugs is no compliment. But I prefer mine long, and to wait by the phone or on your desk. I’ve got pens coming out of my ears!

    9,00 €