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No more time to waste! Let's kickstart with our original timers! Fun and amusing, they will add a touch of excitement to your kitchen while ensuring perfect cooking!

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Design Kitchen Timer

Neither overcooked nor undercooked, once set, the original timer reminds you that time is up. Whether you need to take your time or for a quick cooking, the original timer will be your assistant for successful cooking. Ready... to your stoves! Kitchen Timer: No more missing your cookings! A small roast, a delicious chocolate cake, or even a superb gratin, that's what you can achieve with the help of one of our original timers. Choose your new kitchen companion from our range of designed and colorful products to brighten up your kitchen. A ladybug, a robot, a little chef, or even the traditional pot, it's up to you. You won't be able to mess up your cookings or forget a dish in the oven anymore!

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