A dreamer, Pierre de Viguerie has always liked to let his mind wander! With Récif (Reef), he takes us into the warm and colourful waters of the Great Barrier Reef, where an endless variety of fish and corals rub shoulders and intermingle. The promise of a journey that will take you to the other side of the world to meet your imaginary reef!

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Pierre de Viguerie, a fervent lover of the ocean and all the wonders it holds, has always been fascinated by the splendor and variety of coral reefs. His awe-inspiring experience of the richness of this unique ecosystem inspired him to create the Reef collection, a true immersion into an enchanting world. By diving into this collection, you will be transported to the depths of the sea, where magic happens at every moment. Each item in the Reef collection becomes a gateway to an extraordinary journey, where beauty intertwines with wonder, and the exploration of marine mysteries knows no bounds. Let yourself be carried away by this exceptional sensory experience and dive into a universe where nature unfolds all its splendor!

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