For designer Sophie Roberty, the new Aubépine capsule collection is above all a desire... a desire to work with the color pink! With its poetic motifs, it's as if the Hawthorn flowers themselves are looking at us. We only have one desire, to get lost in these dozens of shades of pink..."

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Aubépine, a creation by Sophie Roberty

The collection represents for me, Sophie Roberty, a deep desire: to capture the magnificence of pink! Evoking the very essence of femininity, delicacy, and sweetness, this color has inspired me through the delicate flowers of Hawthorn. The gradient of pink is at the very heart of this collection, reflecting its uniqueness. Inspired by the colorful softness of Hawthorn, I have created emerging shades of pink, which I then enriched with touches of red to give them a vibrant depth. Initially, drawing the butterflies was a challenge, but I eventually succeeded by using petals to create these creatures. This approach evokes a poetic question: were they once flowers metamorphosed into butterfly wings, or were they butterflies that left behind floral fragments? This gives my graphic work a dimension that is both dynamic and suggestive. With patterns of enchanting poetry, it feels as if the Hawthorn flowers themselves are watching us! Our only desire is to lose ourselves in these countless shades of pink... A story brimming with pigments and mystery!

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