Songe de Printemps

Escape with the Songe de Printemps collection! In collaboration with Pylones, the artist Peggy Nille has created the dreamlike setting of a luxuriant garden where, as in a dream, you can walk… and get lost!

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Peggy Nille, from children's books to Pylones creations

A graduate of the Estienne School and the Beaux-Arts of Paris, Peggy has illustrated numerous toys and creative activities for children for 14 years, as well as around a hundred children's books. The desire to explore new worlds led her to create personalized wall decorations and fabrics for decoration professionals. Passionate about travels, her blended influences are evident in her dreamy and rich patterns: Asia with its vibrant colors of India, various artistic movements such as the naïve art of Henri Rousseau, or traditional craftsmanship techniques like French tapestries.

Songe de Printemps Collection

Immerse yourself in the living canvas of "Songe de Printemps," where the painting transforms into an enchanted garden! An emerald universe unfolds, vibrating to the rhythm of spring bursting into a floral symphony. Each petal is a note, where flowers break free with contagious effervescence. An ode to blossoming and rebirth after hibernation. In this imaginary garden, spring bursts into an explosion of colors and textures, a visual melody that captivates the senses. Each petal is a fulfilled promise, each bud a story in the making. But this garden isn't just a celebration of ordered beauty. It also embraces the joyful madness of growth. The bold and impulsive grasses intertwine freely, creating a canvas of greenery that dances with the wind. The springtime frenzy embodies the carefree spirit of spring, where everything seems possible and every corner holds a surprise. Losing oneself in this garden is to escape into a world where time stands still, where our minds can wander amid shimmering petals and intoxicating fragrances. Let yourself be carried away by this painting that celebrates spring, the floral effervescence, and the joyful tumult of growth; an imaginary world where everyone can find refuge and renewal.

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