All about us Souffle de Pylones


A famous and iconic collection that would make a rainbow green with envy !

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The blown glass workshop, nestling in the heart of the Pylones factory near Paris, dreams up and produces an extensive jewellery collection of rings, necklaces and earrings, all of which are hand-designed and made.

Custodians of invaluable know-how, 8 artisans mouth-blow each piece and melt them using a blow torch. Once they have been fired, a team is given the task of filling and painstakingly polishing them.

Featuring “couture” colours, and liquid or sparkly contents. Whether behemoths or miniatures, they’re
invariably stylish. This is jewellery that calls to mind the halcyon days of glorious Parisian fashion!

Relive a great moment of sharing with our fans of blown glass jewelry! We met Audrey, who discovered the ring we created for her wedding!