Blue Palette

The new Blue Palette collection is a genuine fusion of French creativity and the art of living. The talented design duo, Gildas Chaussepied and Valérie Périer, who previously created the iconic Palette collection for Pylones, have envisioned this new collection as a vibrant homage to the color blue!

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Blue Palette by Gildas Chaussepied et Valérie Périer

With their ever-unique style and signature brushwork, they have swirled the blues from their palette with rare and dynamic touches of other colors that complement and reveal the sky blues, azure blues, vivid blues, almost turquoise shades, dark blues, and navy blues, all the way to ultramarines and their encounters with beautiful deep purples! The artistic technique employed by the duo and described with skill is, "The small color spots are harmoniously incorporated into the paint, creating the impression that the brush guides the color from one spot to another, giving the effect of working directly on a freshly painted canvas," allowing for the development of an abstract yet very "inhabited" landscape. Each piece is crafted for itself with a unique intention each time, and that's what provides these strong and positive emotions and sensations.

Blue Palette is a very elegant collection, carried by an absolutely joyful note that will accompany you happily in your everyday life, whether you wear it, take it on a journey, or simply live with it in your kitchen and at the table!

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