Tulipes, Vanina's sun-kissed collection, captures the tenderness of a field of flowers that dance and vibrate at the height of children. This colorful poetry takes us into the innocence of days gone by, those mischievous moments when she savored strawberries and tomatoes in the family estate, filling the air with sweet memories. Come and discover our products come to life in our article.

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Tulipes, a creation by Vanina Crescioni

« Quand je suis seule et que je peux rêver
Je rêve que je suis dans tes bras
Je rêve que je te fais tout bas
Une déclaration, ma déclaration »

As France Gall sings‌

The tulip is the symbol of love declaration and blooms in spring. Its incredible palette of colors and shapes makes it the most beautiful and elegant flower. It is much more than just a flower; it embodies a unique gourmet character. Over the centuries, it has inspired the greatest poets and artists, celebrated for its intoxicating beauty and enchanting fragrance. In addition to its floral symbolism, the tulip is also associated with passionate love declaration. In the tradition of flower languages, the tulip is often used to express intense and vibrant love, making our tulip-adorned items perfect gifts to express affection to a loved one. Let yourself be seduced by the delicacy of tulip petals adorning our items, and let this iconic flower transport you into a world of romance and gourmet. Explore our collection today and let tulips tell your love story with style and elegance.

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